Parent Reviews

Kristyn Jones

I started working at A Kids World when my daughter Kinsley was only 3 months old. Both staff and management were so welcoming and helpful while I navigated working full time with an infant. Going on two years later Kinsley is now in the toddler room and loves coming to school every day! She talks about the garden often and loves checking on the chickens daily.  

I am so great full for the experiences she has at AKW!  

Jodi Atkins

“Our favorite part about this center is the amazing Farm to Table program, they send a weekly menu, and our daughter eats so many different foods while she is there!  

The staff is wonderful, they greet our daughter every day with a smile, and she is always so happy to see them. These people truly care about your children and their safety. We love A Kid’s World!” 

Mark and Kenia Leavenworth 

Our two boys, Mark and Paul have attended AKW since 2016.  

We were looking for a safe, nurturing daycare in the area and came across AKW.  

Every teacher that our boys have had throughout the years have been loving and caring.  

The meals are very healthy, and the center is very clean.  

We feel very comfortable leaving our boys there, and love the option of taking a peek in on them throughout the day  with the optional camera system.  We feel very blessed to have AKW caring for our children!

Casea Griffeth

My son is currently in the summer transition program at A Kid's World. I cant say enough good things about this place. They have been amazing with my son! They have answered any questions i have promptly, and are always so welcoming and happy to help. The staff and teachers are some of the nicest people i have ever met! Theyre so up beat and you can tell they really love what they do. 

Kristen Hadaway

We absolutely love A Kid's World. My first child started attending the center when he was 1 1/2 and grew up there all the way until he was 11. We loved it so much that when our second child arrived we knew instantly where she would be going. She started the center at 12 weeks and is now 2 years old. We love the ProCare app where we can know everything that goes on with our child, from pottying to pictures to what they ate and how long they napped. We also love the cameras where we can log in anytime and see our child in real time. Also, we love the food selection that A Kid's World provides. I also think it's pretty awesome that the center has its own garden and chicken coop. Ms. Shannon has really put her heart into the center over the years making sure it's the best place for our children. I highly recommend A Kid's World and wouldn't think of going anywhere else.   

Thank you for all that you do!

Jennifer Holcombe

We love A Kids World! I knew my son would have a hard time leaving me and being away from me because he's always been home with me. They worked with him (and me because I was just as emotional). He loves going now and he is learning so much! We did move recently and normally I would change his daycare but I can't!! I absolutely will drive 1 hour every morning for a place my child can stay for the day that is safe, educational, and most of all HE IS HAPPY!!!  


The Edwards Family

We have had our children in daycares since they could walk. It wasn’t until coming to A Kids World that I realized what we had been missing out on all these years. The staff is so friendly and we truly find comfort when leaving our children there during the day to be cared for while we go to work to provide for our family. Our son walks in the doors so excited each day and is greeted by name by most of the staff. He loves the interaction he has with class pets and real live animals and comes home everyday with new stories to tell. The teachers in the classroom provide such transparency about what goes on each day and that alone gives us, as parents, so much relief. A Kids World is more than a day care center for us. They are family. 

Steven & Kelly Whire 

We started with AKW right as the pandemic hit. During this very difficult time of change, I couldn't have been happier with our choice in daycare. The teachers and staff are great at communication which is so important, especially during such a crazy year. Aside from constant communication regarding health and safety issues, the teachers have been so awesome with my little one. As an only child, we have seen him blossom and grow, learning and sharing with his friends at school. I can't say enough great things about Grant's teachers... they are more than just a "daycare"... they are truly teaching the children every day and genuinely care for each child. We couldn't be happier with where our little man is attending "school"! 

Thanks for all you do! 

Caroline Fortune

The experience we have had at A Kids World has been priceless. My daughter is cared for as an individual, not just another kid thrown in the mix. The teachers are all wonderful, positive, and invested in the children and it shows in the programs they implement and the time they take to keep families involved with activities at the center.

Jeffery Jones

My granddaughters have attended a kids world for several years and they are delighted with their experience. They are always sharing wonderful stories of garden classes and exeriences tending to the chickens.Teachers and administrators are kind and helpful , classrooms are clean and welcoming . I am thankful for my girls being in such a safe and nuturing environment.

Trent Johnson

A Kid’s World offers a very clean and safe classroom environment. The children are protected and loved here for sure. 👌 …

Shannon Robertson

We have been a part of A Kids World for a year and a half and absolutely love it. Both of my children are thriving and learning, as this is more than a daycare. It is truly a learning center, and my children are learning both academically and socially. My son is in the Pre-K program and loves his teachers. Ms. Ashley shows incredible compassion and communicates with parents in a timely and efficient manner from daily check ins to newsletters and upcoming events. The PreK program values hands-on learning by bringing field trips to the school for things like Yoga and Health M Powers and has a garden on-site with chickens as well. My son is engaged in daily learning centers, small group activities, reading and writing practice, and skill work on a tablet program that provides parents with weekly updates on educational progress. His class recently went on a field trip to an assisted living facility, teaching kids at a young age about the power of giving to others and being kind. I could not have chosen a better place for my child to have his PreK experience and know that he will be more than prepared for Kindergarten next year because of A Kid's World.

Delvin Jordan

Great crew and staff and my sons smiles and runs to go inside

Rubi Ruiz

Let me just start by saying BEST DAYCARE EVER!!!!!! My son Diego has been assisting to this daycare for the past 3 months. He is 15 months old and his teachers are absolutely amazing with him. I leave him knowing that they take really good care of him and I love how patient they are with all the kids too. Every time I drop him off or pick him up, there is always someone at the front desk with a smile and ready to greet you. They all make everyone feel so welcomed. I also love the communication teachers have with the parents, by using the app I’m always aware of everything Diego is doing during the day.

Corey Lloyd

My son attends the school he is in the school age class, the staff and management there are very kind and helpful. My son loves going to the school. I give the school five stars and would definitely recommend.

Kristyn Jones

I’ve been an employee and a parent at A Kids World for almost two years. Shannon and the management team go out of their way to ensure we as staff are supported and appreciated daily. Employee awards , food truck Friday’s and an all around great work environment are just a few of many perks of working at a kids world. It’s been wonderful working at a center so dedicated to what’s best for the kids and staff !

Johnny D

Haven’t had any major issue since my son started. He has been going since he was 8 months , now he’s 3. My son likes going every morning , the new director, Ms. Maddie & Beverly , are good people that my son also like, and he usually don’t like new people.

Christina Garrett

This marks one month that my 2yr old has been attending AppleTree Prep. If I could leave a higher rating, I would. My son had never even been babysat before he was enrolled, so I worried how well he would do. It seemed to take him no time to make himself at home here. Teachers/directors/even the receptionist knew his name after the first day and constantly provide updates to how he's doing. He's consistently coming home showing us new stuff he has learned, like how to count on his fingers to ten! Today was the first time he had any kind of cut/injury, and they called to tell me exactly how he fell on the playground before I even got to see the tiny scrape they were referring to. I can't rave enough about how fantastic of a facility this is- from location, to price, to the staff- 10/10! I've loved seeing him improve during this past month and can't wait to see the new stuff he learns.

Jaylah Talley

I am very pleased to be apart of the Apple Tree Prep Family. Everyday I am greeted by the friendly administrators at the front. Her teachers are awesome and I love the communication between us .

Christian Favors

Appletree Prep is top tier! My son has gone there for a week and he is already potty trained. The academic program they follow is one of a kind and are putting my 3yr old son on track to be a scholar in grade school! This is the best decision ive ever made for my child!

Stephanie Cotton

My baby attends this school currently . This is her first time ever going to school and really being around other children . This school is amazing I was nervous at first but they reassured me every step of the way .the teachers and staff are AMAZING !! They are willing to answering any questions and help out the best they can !!I’m able to come and sit in the class or even peak through the window just to check on her . They have an app where we get pictures ,potty time, and when they are eating and napping notifications everyday . It is a very kid friendly environment full of colors and nice welcoming friendly people ! I’m glad I chose a kids world learning center !

Samantha Westbury

We love A Kids World. The teachers are amazing with my daughter. I also work there and I enjoy being apart of A Kids World team! They are always going the extra mile with new trainings and resources to make sure the kids are safe and thriving.

Keyonna Mcghee

Carla Bunker

I could not be more pleased with A Kid's World and their staff. My son loves going there, and we have not had any issues, but I know that if there were an issue, it would be responded to quickly, professionally, and resolved. I highly recommend this day care. It is affordable and provides quality meals and learning experiences for your child. You can also log in and watch your child at any time through cctv, which gives such peace of mind that your child is being taken care of well.

Britt A

My 2 year old has been coming here for a month and he absolutely loves it. We’ve had bad experiences with daycares so it’s nice to be able to see his face light up when I ask him if he’s ready to go see his friends and teachers.I remember his first day I watched the camera all day. And now I rarely check it because I know how taken care of he is. We ❤️ It here.


I have worked here for 15 years come this August and all of my 3 children and 2 grandchildren have attended the school. I am proud of all the achievements this school has made to make the lives of children better. Both my boys started the school at 6 weeks of age and one still attends the school agers before care program. They have learned how to be better people by expressing their emotions in a positive way. I have made personal interactions with all of their caregivers and have been able to express concerns I might have had without any negative feedback. The staff has always made the children feel welcomed and loved. I would never consider any other place for my children.

Estrella Luna

Completely recommend the school. All of the staff is amazing. They will go above and beyond to help you and your needs. They take great care of our children very highly recommend!!!!!!!

Kasey Boggs

As a member of the administration, and a parent of this center, I cannot say enough good things about this place! I have worked here for 11 years, and both of my children have attended here. This place has been a true blessing in our lives! My son, and daughter both loved it here! Not only did they learn as much as they did, with the amazing teachers here, but both have developed friendships that will last a lifetime. Shannon Smith is one of the two bosses I will never regret working for. The love she has put into this center shows!!!!! This place isn't just a daycare center for us, it's another part of our family.

Erin McReed

I give A Kid's World 5 Stars!! My son has been going for 3 months now for the first time in Day Care and I am so at ease leaving him here with these amazing teachers!

Malika’s Lovely Life

I can honestly say I love A kids world my kids attend the school and they live it the work with you and show they care. I have a newborn who attends and the love his three teachers and the front shows him is so amazing. He smiles everyday when he sees them. I also have twins in the pre-K and they love school they work with them and have so much patience is just a blessing and I’m forever greatful.

Christina Sheahan

I have worked here almost 2 weeks, and although that isn't very long, I can tell that the employees here are like one big family! Shannon is one of the most kind employers that I have had! The staff here makes sure that you have everything you need to be successful! I could not have asked for a better job! Considering the fact I had a horrible experience at my last job, AKW, makes me happy and I am so glad to work here!

Filloreta Preniqi

Great place. My daughter attends pre-k and her teachers and great and friendly.

Kristina Chamblee

I have been working at AKW since the beginning of February, Shannon and the staff are like a family. Shannon always shows us her appreciation. The center is a loving environment where the kids can have fun and learn. Both of my kids go to AKW and their teachers are amazing. Without a doubt is a 5 star center 😊

Kristina Chamblee

My daughter has been here since she was 6 weeks old now she's almost 14 months old and I'm still very appreciative of this place and the teachers I've met thus far. Especially her teacher now Alyssa she's amazing !!

Chris_kim051613 brown

I could not be more pleased with A Kid's World and their staff. My son loves going there, and we have not had any issues, but I know that if there were an issue, it would be responded to quickly, professionally, and resolved. I highly recommend this day care. It is affordable and provides quality meals and learning experiences for your child. You can also log in and watch your child at any time through cctv, which gives such peace of mind that your child is being taken care of well.


I have been employed at AKW for 6 years. My experience has been amazing. I’ve learned so much about the childcare industry (I’m a former public school employee). AKW has very high expectations of its employees and provides high quality childcare for the families in our community. It is a pleasure to work in a place where I feel appreciated and supported.


My children absolutely loved going here . We had to move in the middle of the year so we couldn't stay long but great women work here and so heartwarming and loving . You child or children would love going here

Michelle Kaufman

My daughter has been going to this daycare since she was 2 she is now in the pre k program her teachers are incredible

Kitisha Battle

The care and attention they show to the children is remarkable!! You can tell they are in it for the children and not the money!

Shanon Ellis

absolutely love it here, all the teachers are awesome and my son loves it!

Delilah Tanner

A Kids World has been a major blessing to our family, and honestly our community. My younger sisters, several of my youth group members in the Walton County area and now, my own child have all had wonderful experiences. From the quality rated curriculum to the absolutely amazing teachers and administrators, my child has thrived socially and educationally in early childhood education. The school has been under renovations and is being updated very nicely to match our modern world. I highly recommend them for child care and Headstart/Pre-K.

Mitspa Thomas

My now 2 year old, started A Kids World (AKW ) when he was 1 year old. He had a hard transition from being with mom all day when he first started daycare . However, with AKW amazing team/teachers (Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Heather, Ms. Gabriella. Ms. Anahi ) he is adjusting just fine. They make sure I am well informed on my child behavior and any/every bumps and bruises.

Jena R

If you want your children in a daycare center where they will be loved and cared for just as if they are with you then look no further! The entire staff is absolutely amazing!

Joey Homes

Tiffany Holmes, my child has been coming here since august and we absolutely love this place. He loves his teachers and everyone else. They are really sweet people and really make you feel at home. They have taught him a lot and I’m really going to miss this place next year.

Brooke Maxwell

My kids and I absolutely love and appreciated all the staff at A Kids World. You’re always greeted with warm smiles, and kind hearts. Not counting the May years I personally attended as a child, we’ve been with a kids world for four years we couldn’t be more pleased with the facility and staff. We can’t wait to see where our AKW journey takes us next, and we’ll soon be enrolling our newest little one in march 2024

Erica Harrison

Such a wonderful daycare! We have been here for 2 years and have nothing negative to say! Our 2 year old is always excited to go in and see her friends and teachers. The teachers are so wonderful and caring. The overall staff is so accommodating and they always let us know how our child is doing throughout the day. We have never had any troubles. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Rebecca Haynes

Wonderful daycare! Every staff member is so friendly even the chefs and administrators. Lunch options are fantastic. They accommodate for certain allergies and dietary intolerances. Every employee gets to know every child even when they aren’t in their class! Highly recommend!

Hailey Neal

We were new to the area and had heard great things about A Kids World, we trusted other’s opinions/feedback and put our 8 week old infant in the hands of A Kids World. Let’s just say, we have not been disappointed! They go above and beyond and take such good care of our baby. She’s now 7 months old and we have not had a bad experience yet. I highly recommend this daycare facility. They truly care about the kiddos under their watch. I also want to give a special shout out to Brittani in the infant room, she goes out of her way to get to know your child’s routine, to get to know you, and just cares about the whole family. She’s such a joy and always so sweet. All the infant teachers are!! I feel comfortable each day dropping off my baby knowing that they are watching her. Best daycare facility!

Allyssa Deems

I could not be more grateful to AKW for taking such great care of my Savie Lou. The relief I feel knowing she is cared for while I work is priceless. The staff is loving and professional, and always answers questions and addresses concerns swiftly, with compassion and understanding. Savie is happy, healthy, and thriving in her class at AKW.

Amanda Griffis

The ladies who work at A Kids World are wonderful with my girl. They work so hard!

Ashley Delaney

I love this place! The teachers and staff are so kind!

Charmaine Idlett

This is a wonderful daycare!! Ms.Beverly and Ms. Maddy made me feel comfortable with brining my daughter here from the start. Ms. Yvonne is great with the 3 year old class. They are safe and clean and doing everything they can to keep children safe. If you live in Covington, I would definitely recommend Apple Tree Prep for your daycare.

KA Hudson

I LOVE Apple Tree Prep, my baby has learned so much and loves going there. I love the programs the school have for the kids. They have events like Pancakes with Pajamas, The Sweetheart Awards, Christmas concert and every holiday they have a party for the kids. The school is even nice enough to allow my 3 year old to attend the events and she doesn't even go there yet. This school makes being in school fun for the kids. All of the administrators are very professional and welcoming and you can tell they take really great care of your children, when my baby leaves school all she does is talk about her teachers and her day. Mrs. Beverly is really making Apple Tree Prep a great place to be a child. I have a 3 and 4 year old and my 3 year old is excited to go to school next year. THANK YOU so much Apple Tree Prep for everything you do for our babies.

Elona Carter

Not only is the staff very friendly and knowledgeable, but they leave me with a sense of comfort every time that I drop my son off. We are really going to miss them next school year

Erica Hunter

A Kids World aka Appletree Prep is a wonderful experience for me and my child

Jadae Howard

Both of my children attend A kid’s world Childcare. At first it was a rough start for them because it was there first time attending. Now my children are excited to walk in the class and not cry. It is a great experience for them. I love both of there teachers.

Andrea Zoppo

When I was there I asked a class of over 20 students what their fav foods are and I heard all healthy fruits and veggies as answers. Then I asked them what super heroes are in their life and I heard "grandma, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, firefighter, and teacher". Wow A Kid's World Childcare Learning Center, y'all have really grown a beautiful supportive culture and it shows! ❤

Marlaina Woodward

I visit the center through Babies Can't Wait to provide Early Intervention services. Ms Alexus is a rock star! She raises expectations for kiddos to follow through, praises appropriate behavior and her circle time is on point! Love to visit that classroom!

Kelli Crawford

We love our sons teacher and so does he! (Baby Senior room) Also, we like the healthy food options. Staff is always nice when dropping off and picking him up. His teachers are very responsive if I message them and are also great about messaging me with any thing I need to know of when he is there.

Sylvania Rene

I would highly recommend A Kids World. The teachers & staffs are professional and responsive. I feel comfortable dropping off my sons in their care.

Jennifer Ming

We really love A Kids World! We moved to the area last year and our now 2 year old started attending there. Both classes that he’s been in have been great! The teachers are great with the kids and teach them so much! I’m very comfortable leaving my sweet boy in their care. I highly recommend them.

Brittaney Corey

This daycare goes above and beyond to make sure the kids are happy here. I had a minor issue with a teacher and it was handled exceptionally well. My one year old LOVES her teachers. I can watch her on the camera having fun all day and have peace of mind that my baby is in good hand. Thank you AKW for taking care of my little.

Brooke Maxwell

I absolutely love the staff and facility! As a first time (single) mommy, I had no choice but to enroll my son. He has been going since he was five months old, he loves his teachers and I’d so excited to be dropped off. I also went to this same daycare for many years of my childhood. I’m so thankful they are doing all they can to keep the doors open during this difficult time. Looking forward to many many more years with AKW!

Brittany Rivers

It was such a blessing to find A Kid’s World when my family and I relocated to the area from Kentucky with our 4 and 2 year old daughters. Both of my girls love their teachers, my 4 year old is even upset on the weekends when it’s “not a school day”. I love the safety features of the keypad to enter the building and the new push to exit button that’s out of little ones reach. I receive pictures daily on the app from my 2 year old teachers. I love seeing how she’s spending her day. I can tell that the teachers really care about my kids. Couldn’t rave more about it!

Tonya Porter

After working in childcare for over 10 years, I finally found a place where I feel my experience is welcomed and appreciated. Our professional development is always supported and encouraged, not only by management but my coworkers as well. I look forward to going to work because no matter what personal stressors I may be experiencing, there is always children here that are needing hugs or just a lap to read a story on.

Samantha Johnson

Everyone is so nice! My son loves his Pre-k teachers and he has really excelled here!

Taylor White

I’ve worked for AKW for almost a year, and I can say nothing but good things about this facility and the owner. Shannon is always on top of things, making sure every employee is up to date on their trainings, so we can learn how to better care for children and to insure that these children are very well taken care of. All of the management are awesome too, if you need help with anything all you have to do is ask!! I’ve worked for two other day cares and this one is by far the most amazing! Shannon shows us how much she appreciates our HARD work and dedication to the center by treating us to breakfasts, donuts, coffee, etc. This is no easy job, but these women make it easier for us as teachers. this place is just one huge family!! I love AKW!

Amber Hill

From the moment you walk in the door they are so warm and the teachers understand how to make my child feel welcome in the morning!

Britney Hillman

I have been a teacher at A Kid's World for nearly a year and a half and it has been a great experience.

Monica and David Powell

Our children (various ages) have been attending A Kid's World (AKW) for over 15 YEARS!! When I was pregnant with my oldest, my husband and I spontaneously "popped-in" to visit 11 other daycares in a 17-mile radius before choosing AKW. The ownership and staff provide a wonderfully-rich educational environment, that mixes in fun with Christian-themed values, all while keeping children's safety a top priority. I know AKW has had a few incidents that led to some serious injuries (over the span of 15 YEARS mind you...far less than many other facilities), the daycare's swift response to rectify the incidents should be commended. Most of these involved "new" staff members, who although qualified, did not adhere to the strict safety guidelines set by the daycare, and were promptly dismissed from the facility following the incidents. I have witnessed firsthand AKW's willingness and eagerness to adapt to the changing needs of both children and parents, which have included providing excellent accommodations for children with allergies, and even those with severe physical or mental disabilities. Highly recommend!

Caitlin Bray

There are people that comment that children come home with unexplained bruises, this is no longer an issue if it even ever was. They file incident reports in which the parent signs after they are given the run down of exactly what happened. The teachers are NEVER on their phones and I’ve come at all hours of the day every day they’re open so false on that one. And all the teachers try to calm crying kids when they can (there is a 9/1 child teacher ratio and with toddlers you can understand the difficulty giving tons of attention to just one child). I’ve never walked in to pick up my daughter and gotten the “I don’t know” response as to where my daughter is. Heck, teachers who don’t have my kid in their class know where she is, so false. They also have an app that you can download that gives you real time updates as to what they are, their lesson for the day, how they’re doing on diapers, and even when they are checked in and out. There’s a key pad that you create a code for, and anyone else you authorize to pick up your child so you can’t even get in without preauthorization. They will also store specialty food items for you if your child has lactose intolerance for example. And they always let you know about events that cost money, and have an opt out sheet if you don’t want your child to participate. I honestly don’t know what people are complaining about. Giving a 1 star review for a mystery bruise on a TODDLER is hardly justifiable, they have play structures the child could have bumped their arm when the teacher was addressing another child. As for the missing shoe (as is common with children as shocking as that is) the daycare has always returned clothing items to me in a very timely matter if something was lost. Again great place, please ignore the low ratings they’re being dramatic. Wonderful staff, diverse lesson plans, very healthy food, and plenty of physical activity to get them moving. Come check them out they give tours! Infant to 5 years if I’m not mistaking.

Jessica Addison

Teachers are loving and well mannered. I am grateful how much my kids love it and relationships they have with the teachers who have taught them so much!

Sebastian Kosobudzki

My niece loves coming here. The staff is friendly, I truly feel like she learns something and has fun doing so. I enjoy hearing her stories of all her friends and teachers ! Nowadays it’s hard to trust businesses , rest assured AKW has your kids best interest! Many thanks!!

Rossana Wysocki

I have the pleasure to be a part of AKW as a mom and ex staff. AKW admin team is always kind, helpful, proactive and supportive. I have seen teachers giving it all for all the little ones and bringing the spark to their classrooms. I have seen all the great meals the chefs prepare for the little ones with fresh products. I have seen the smiles in the kids faces when learning in the nature playground, the garden, the chicken coop, doing yoga or sharing with Ms Lady bug. I have seen first hand how much kindness is spread through out the whole center by every staff member every single day. As a mom, I couldn't be happier with how much growth my son has done while learning in the GA-PreK program and I couldn't feel more at ease that my son is in an environment that feels like family.

Kristen Hubbard

My son has attended A Kid's World in their GA Pre-K program since August. Unfortunately, my son has had some negative experiences in daycare in the past, and as a parent, I was nervous to start a new school. My son adjusted quickly and the teachers have been very patient with him. He loves coming to school now! The front staff is welcoming and friendly. Overall, I would highly recommend this center.

Gina Cowart

They have done an amazing job at keeping my babies safe and keeping me informed of everything that goes on with in their day .

Jenna Hernandez

This daycare is truly the BEST place for your kids to be. My 4 year old attending the Pre-k program receives a very well rounded education and has learned so much over the past few months. My almost 2 year old LOVES going to AKW also, she leaps out of my arms to her teacher every morning. I can’t say enough good things about this center!

Monae Hughley

We have been apart of AKW for a little over 1 year and have LOVED every part of the experience. Our 2 year is HAPPY here. We see it in the shared photos, when he is interacting with his teachers and classmates, we see it in his SMILE, and most importantly we see it in his GROWTH.

There is a beautiful energy of COMPASSION and COMMITMENT that radiates throughout the facility. This leaves us in a space of CALM. We love it HERE!

I look forward to engaging with all of the staff members. My encounters have been POSITIVE with everyone but I must highlight Kristyn Jones for doing such an exceptional job at overseeing/leading the facility in the capacity in which she does. I can tell that her HEART is in it and that HEART spills over into the entire facility!

P.S. Team AKW keep up the good work and thank you for all YOU do!!! 💕

Ashley West

This is where you want your kids to go! I cannot speak more highly of the professionalism and child centered care the staff provide at A Kid’s World. I have two children who attend that have both high behavioral and medical needs. The staff continuously go above and beyond to meet my children where they are and provide them with the highest level of love and support. I truly cannot express this enough, the staff treat my children like their own and it gives me such peace at mind knowing my babies are cared for each day. I am so grateful for all the teachers and admin at A Kid’s World.

Jandi' Pope

Very grateful for Ms Beverly and Ms Maddie. I was so scared to let my daughters attend daycare again because they have autism and a lot of people don’t know how to care for children with behavioral issues. They are very patient and loving with my daughters and I feel comfortable leaving them there while I work ❤️

Kathleen Cheavers

I recently started bringing my two children to Apple tree about 3 months ago and it has been nothing short of an amazing experience Mrs Beverly and miss Maddie are the best very helpful and just great with the kids love love this place

Jerome Braylock

I love this childcare center... the staff is very friendly.. my daughter has been going here for 2 years .. the building is always clean and quiet..

Chris McG

This is my daughter’s first year there. She is attending the Georgia pre-K class. Miss Amanda and Miss Sharon are wonderful.

Amanda Clay

Absolutely love this daycare they are the best at what they do...would definitely recommend 2 year has been coming here for 2 years💕💕💕💕

Carolyn Wink

I have two kids that attend this center and so far so good. Very professional and kid friendly.

Kirk Hagan

Engaged, friendly, secure and constructive environment.

Cassie Might

This is hands down the BEST daycare! They LOVE my children and go above and beyond for them! Each and every staff member is professional, nurturing, patient and kind. My youngest daughter has special needs and it has never once has it been an issue. They accocomate her needs and have even taught me things to help her (i.e. sign language)! My mind is at ease everyday when I leave my babies at AKW because I know they are in wonderful hands!

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Paige Mercardante

Nicole Smith

Anna Bugg

Tammy Jennings

Dawn Meeler

We love the hands on care that they give to our little one. She is always ready to get dropped off and loves all her caregivers and is learning new things each day.

Natalie Lacy

My daughter started Pre-K here in August and I can tell she absolutely loves it. I adore everyone that works here and definitely would recommend this place.

Gina Cowart

The teachers and staff always help answer any questions we have ! The staff is always friendly and has continued to ensure us we are leaving our daughter in great hands . The provide meal plans and have helped my daughter devolve life skills at such an early age!

Susanne Bell

My 10 month old just started here on Monday. I must say I am very pleased with the center, their rules, the way they follow the rules & most importantly, the way they have treated myself & my daughter. She has always stayed with my parents while I worked, but the staff here have made her transition to daycare as smooth as it could possibly be. They love on her, spend extra time with her when she needs it, they play with her & it truly touches my heart as a mother when I see her receive a hug for no reason or a sweet kiss on the forehead. I know my daughter feels loved & safe there & that means the world to me. I also LOVE the fact that I can watch her all day with their WatchMeGrow cameras installed in every room. Those really put my mind & heart at ease while I'm at work.

S. Lane

We first became part of the A Kids World family in 2009 when we enrolled our two oldest children. 10 years later, our youngest is still experiencing all of the excellent care and fun and educational activities that A Kids World offers. Not only are the care and activities exceptional - but the amazing staff is truly what makes A Kids World the absolute best place for children and families! We have made so many lifetime friends through our connection to A Kids World. The staff are kind and caring and constantly go above and beyond to help - whether in big ways or small ways. We simply cannot say enough about the quality of each staff member that we have had the pleasure to know. We always feel confident that are children are safe, well taken care of - and most importantly, LOVED! Thank you, A Kids World, for a decade of happy memories. We love you!

Andrea Powers

PRICES ARE AMAZING!!!! My two daughters have been attending this day care facility since 2016 they are very supportive and helpful also teach my girls a ton of things that I wouldn't have the time to teach them on my own there very understanding and motherly as far as taking care of the girls. My girls love to field trips during the summer as they are there all day long . During school year there just there for after school the teachers are amazing and do their best to spark interest in my girls I would highly recommend and have done so to 3 other individuals to have their children attend this facility.

William Okuma

I have two children that are 8 years apart. I have sent both children to The Kids World during there infant years, toddlers years to their Pre K years. We all had a great experience at The Kids World and recommend to all parents.

Laura Roettger

I love A Kids World because they love my child. He is accepted and provided with every opportunity to be successful despite his special needs!

Jessica Allgood

My daughter has gone to a Kids World since she was only a few months old and I trust them whole heartedly to take care of my child the same way I would.

Assistant MCA

We have used many daycares over the last 7 years, and AKW is by far our favorite. They truly teach the kids! Garden club, my girls love! They grow and eat their fruits and veggies which is just so cool. My girls love going there, the entire staff is great. Their communication is like no other, I love that you can pay online. I just can't say enough great things!

Britney Garland

My daughter started out at a daycare in Loganville when she was about 1 1/2 and she was there for a couple months and every day she would get out of the car to go into the daycare, as soon as we stepped foot in the front door she would start screaming, she would get to her classroom and she would lay in the floor, bang her head on the floor, kick her feet and scream at the top of her longs for roughly 3 hours, every single day! I ended up taking her out of that daycare and letting her go to my mother-in-law’s house every day for a couple months when I decided I needed to put her back in daycare so I struggled for a while with this decision and finally decided to try out AKW and let me tell you; BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE! My girl is in the 2K room with Ms. Britney, Ms. Rocky and Ms. Sam and my baby LOVES coming every am. She knows her routine and she rarely ever cries when I leave now usually only when she’s sick. I am going to be so sad when that day comes when she has to switch rooms because these three are my absolute favorite!

Minion Mom

One of the best, so glad they take care of my children like I would and the pricing is awesome

Kimberly Ann

My children have gone to this center since they are infants and is the only place I’ve ever felt comfortable taking them. My children have also learned so much from AKW’s Pre-K program. Very thankful for AKW for giving this Mama peace of mind that my babies are taken care of while I’m at work.

Filloreta P Svarqa

Great staff, my daughters pre-k teachers are great and super friendly! My daughters seems to love it.

Laura Phillips

This is the only childcare center where my son has been excepted and loved. They have been so great with his special needs and supportive of our struggles.

Jennifer Barnett

Kimberly Michelle Brown

My daughter has been here since she was 6 weeks old now she's almost 14 months old and I'm still very appreciative of this place and the teachers I've met thus far. Especially her teacher now Alyssa she's amazing !!

Marisol Davila Carreon

Starting your kids at any daycare or school is always a stressful situation. You never know how they will take it. And it’s always worse when they cry about it. My son started this week and the first day I picked him up I as relieved when he told me he had so much fun! This Friday he got picked up from regular school for being sick and the thing he was concerned about was missing going to A kids world! This makes me happy inside.

Pamela Cedars

My kids really enjoy going every day to see their friends and teacher

Marencia Smith

This is a really good day care my lil brother go here

Christy L Daws

This place requires the teachers to come into work even if the have a contagious sickness! If they don't, they are threatened of losing their job! I know because my daughter was on the receiving end of this! Children are often changed on the bathroom floor.. can you say gross!!! I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy! If you have a child there.. pop in for a surprise visit if you don't believe me!

Shannon Smith Houk

I LOVE this day care! My son is happy and learning and safe everyday.

Brittany LeVert George

My son attends the PreK program at AKW. He has never been to a daycare/center ever before and AKW made that transition easy not only for him, but me too. I love that they have a camera system app that allows you to check in on your child at any given time of the day. That made me feel more at ease but you will see that you don’t even use it as much as you thought you would because your child will love it here! My child is excited to get up and go to school every single day! They have a personal chef who prepares every meal for the children and it is top notch healthy meals and snacks. My son eats things at school that he wouldn’t even try at home! Im so glad we chose AKW for PreK this year. AKW has been wonderful for us!

Perri Walden

I have been employed at AKW for 6 years. My experience has been amazing. I’ve learned so much about the childcare industry (I’m a former public school employee). AKW has very high expectations of its employees and provides high quality childcare for the families in our community. It is a pleasure to work in a place where I feel appreciated and supported.

Donna Mills Maughon

Susanne Bell

My 10 month old just started here on Monday. I must say I am very pleased with the center, their rules, the way they follow the rules & most importantly, the way they have treated myself & my daughter. She has always stayed with my parents while I worked, but the staff here have made her transition to daycare as smooth as it could possibly be. They love on her, spend extra time with her when she needs it, they play with her & it truly touches my heart as a mother when I see her receive a hug for no reason or a sweet kiss on the forehead. I know my daughter feels loved & safe there & that means the world to me. I also LOVE the fact that I can watch her all day with their WatchMeGrow cameras installed in every room. Those really put my mind & heart at ease while I'm at work.

Jennifer Boughton Okuma

Both of my children have attended the center. My 12 year old attended and now my 4 is going. I love the staff there and they are receptive to me and my children's needs.

Becky Ellis Wilson

Danny loves it here and he's learning so much even though he's only been here 4 days now

Britney Baker

I switched my two-year-old from a daycare that she was miserable at and cried every single day for roughly 3 hours because she hated it so bad so I pulled her out, switched to AKW and now she loves coming to school to see her friends and teachers. She has her routine down and every morning she comes in and she knows exactly what to do she’s not ever sad when I leave anymore unless she’s sick... The fact we have access to cameras no matter where they are is such a great feeling knowing we can check on our babies at any time of day. Ms. Britney, Ms. Rocky and Ms. Sam are our absolute favorites!!

Amanda Fischer

Teri Smith Doepke

Kirstin Holden

Stephanie Teague Norris

Kamalynn Holden

Erica Lee Hughes

Keith Lane

Jean Kauf-Niemo

Hannah Wolf

Sharon Begitschke

Wendi McIntyre

I can't begin to say enough about this school, my daughter has attended PreK and she is now in the summer transition program. The teachers have always gone out of their way to make her feel special and to especially love learning. I highly recommend this school to any parent who has to use a daycare and if you have a child that will be entering PreK, defiantly check out A Kid's World!!! We love the staff and the school.

Kimm Bleil Howard

Visit us at A Kid's World in Walnut Grove! We are a Quality Rated Center and our teachers and administrators are amazing!
We will surpass your expectations.
Childhood is a journey. Spend it with us

Shelby Elizabeth Burch

I cannot express how grateful I am for AKW! Great atmosphere and teachers! They loved and cared for my children as if they were their own!

Janice Carol Moon

Olivia loves her school, teachers, and all her classmates

Nash Mcmullen

My Son Delano been going here for a year now and I love the girls. And they all love my son as well.