A Full-Day, Hands-On
Pre-K Prep Program

Introduce Your Child To School Learning & Structure

AKW Bridge Program | Serving Covington, GA

A Prep Program Designed To Introduce Early Academic Skills

Experience AKW Bridge, an exclusive Pre-K program at our Covington location. These elementary-style classes run from 8 AM to 3 PM, with Before & After Care available. Celebrate achievements with an end-of-year ceremony and enjoy our play- and nature-based curriculum, fostering academic, physical, and social-emotional growth as your kiddo prepares for kindergarten.

The Bridge Program Prepares Students For Kindergarten By Offering A Curriculum Akin To GA Pre-K. Your Student Engages In Core Subjects Through Structured Exploratory Centers, Group & Independent Instruction, & Play.

Here’s A Sneak Peek At Our Program!

Language & Literacy

Your child works on letter recognition, spelling their name, story re-telling & comprehension & much more!


They learn pattern recognition, comparison, sorting, one-to-one correspondence, & more, preparing them for elementary math.

Social Studies

Your child learns about people in the past, various cultures, simple geography, & more!

Community Building

They practice daily life skills such as self-control, using manners, cooperation, negotiation, & personal responsibility.


Your little one expands their inquiry & observation skills & learns about the scientific method!
Expect Diverse Learning Throughout The School Year

Expect Diverse Learning Throughout The School Year

Your child enjoys diverse learning experiences, from leadership roles to pet caretakers, science experiments, gardening projects, and creative play in mud kitchens. Parents can engage with school events like class plays and the Year End Ceremony and contribute as volunteer readers or speakers, fostering a dynamic and involved school community.

Strengthening Social-Emotional Skills As They Prepare For School

Through interactive activities, your child engages with peers and teachers, actively participating in discussions, sharing ideas, taking turns, and demonstrating manners like “please” and “thank you,” fostering positive social interactions and mutual respect in future classrooms and beyond.
Strengthening Social-Emotional Skills As They Prepare For School

The Bridge Program Features A Credentialed Teacher & Experienced Assistant Teacher, Ensuring Quality Education. With A Cap Of 17 Students, We Prioritize Individualized Attention & Foster A Positive, Familial Learning Environment.

A Certified Outdoor Classroom Boosts Their Motivation & Mood

A Fun Outdoor Classroom Boosts Motivation & Mood

Experience the wonders of nature education as your child learns in our engaging outdoor classroom with sensory tables, a mud kitchen, and more. Guided by a Garden Educator, they engage in seeding and tending plants, instilling stewardship and essential life skills while boosting motivation and mood. They also build creatively and use picnic tables for outdoor art and eating.

Daily Outdoor Play Builds Muscles, Minds, & Motor Skills

Engaging in outdoor play enhances physical activity and builds motor skills. Your little one thrives on an expansive playground, encouraging fun and friendships through games, adventures, and imaginative play. This environment boosts their large motor skills, self-esteem, and confidence, laying the foundation for holistic development.
Daily Outdoor Play Builds Muscles, Minds, & Motor Skills
Caring For A Class Pet Teaches Responsibility

Caring For A Class Pet Teaches Responsibility

Engage in hands-on learning as AKW Bridge enrollees care for our class pet. This unique opportunity fosters responsibility and empathy, enhancing your kiddo’s educational experience in a nurturing environment. Watch your child thrive while caring for their furry friend in a fun, meaningful way.

Ensuring Your Child's Safety Is Our Priority

Highly trained teachers implement proactive safety measures, including internal security cameras, automatic magnetic locks with keypad entry, and exterior doors in all classrooms. With push-to-exit buttons, we maintain a secure environment for your peace of mind. Plus, check in anytime with your handy parent apps!
Ensuring Your Child's Safety Is Our Priority

Hear What Parents Have To Say

Teachers are loving and well-mannered. I am grateful for how much my kids love it and their relationships with the teachers who have taught them so much!

Jessica A.

My Son Delano has been going here for a year now, and I love the girls. And they all love my son as well!

Nash M.

I can’t begin to say enough about this school. My daughter has attended Pre-K and is now in the summer transition program. The teachers have always gone out of their way to make her feel special and love learning.

Wendy M.

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